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Western MASS-riderless horse

gelding, dressage, jumping, large pony (suitable for riders up to 5’6), child safe

Located in Hadley MA

I am looking for someone to half lease. He is fun to ride, great lateral work, light off the leg, not spooky. He has shown successfully through second level. I am looking for someone to ride 2 or 3 days a week as I am a college student and my schedule doesn’t always allow me to go to the barn as often as I’d like. Message me if you would like to see photos or videos, or come try him!

Horseless in West Chester, PA

Well, not really horseless but complicated. Would like more saddle time than I’m getting right now. Flatwork only, preferably in an indoor arena, though an outdoor may be OK depending on circumstances.

I used to ride at a competitive barn, so always rated myself against the pros – and invariably came up short. But at the lesson barn I’m at now, the BO (who had never seen me ride before) came in and said to my trainer: I didn’t know Dizzy was such a good rider. I guess my skill depends on who you’re comparing me with.

I replied to you, thanks! :smiley:

Hello! An off farm lease is not something that I would have considered in the past, HOWEVER, for the right circumstance I would consider it now. Do you want to PM me with some more details? Thanks so much!

Riderless Horse in Richmond/Ashland VA

A 9-year-old, 15.2h (she takes up room, I’m 5’8") TBx mare would love to have a job again, as her horrible caretaker can no longer ride the usual 4-5x a week. She is what I lovingly call “perma-green,” due to no fault of her own - I have owned her since she was 3, and between switching trainers, college and post-grad life, she has been kept in training very sporadically. She is, however, a calm and level-headed greenie who has been ridden by advanced beginners/teenagers. Not spooky at all. Shown at the local level up to 2’6", she used to have auto changes but would need to get more fit and have a couple reminders. She’s jumped up to 3’3" at home.

I would love to find someone in the area able to come out even a couple days a week to ride. If you just want to flat, that’s perfectly fine with the both of us. She started off in Dressage training and has schooled through Training Level. She is a much happier horse when regularly ridden.

Boarded in Glen Allen, VA. Please PM me for more information. :smiley:

Catonsville, MD

Catonsville, MD

15’3, 26 year old TB in great shape. (picture in my profile) -flexible partial lease– He is a forward moving guy and although quiet, he is not for beginners.

The farm where I board has two indoors, two outdoor rings, grass ring and lots of trails. He is a great mover and he is awesome on trails. He is not spooky and will go alone or in groups. He rides English and Western and I admit I ride bareback a lot. Flatwork only. Lessons are available at the farm –hunter and western, and a dressage trainer comes to the farm monthly. Showing is possible if interested. FYI - we showed in a local series last year and a dressage show is my next goal.
Thanks and pm for more info.

Riderless horse (sorta) in North Central Mass.

I’m looking for someone to ride my large 18 hand Hanoverian during the week. He is a dressage horse trained through third level. He will be moving to a dressage only barn in Townsend this weekend. Please PM me as I don’t get to this board often but the PMs will be forwarded to my email. Adults only please.

Horse for free lease/riding Austin, Texas

I am trying to find a new home for my horse but with the economy the way it is I’m not holding my breath. :stuck_out_tongue: I am out of commission for riding for 6-8 weeks and would love for someone to ride my horse. If you guys click then something more long term could work out.

He needs an experienced rider. Take a look at my post describing him http://www.horsegroomingsupplies.com/horse-forums/16hh-thoroughbred-gelding-available-300445.html and if you are interested please pm me.


Riderless horse in Millerton, PA

15.3 hand, solid build, Trak/TB mare. Supposedly dressage trained by previous owner (I’m a hunter/jumper rider and 2-point everything so can’t judge her dressage ability) but has done jumping since being here. Only jumped 2’6" so far due to rider needing to build strength but the mare has free jumped 3’6" with ease. More an eventer/jumper mare rather than a hunter. Hacks on a loose rein in a snaffle but if you want the energy and pep it is there. Responsive but not a sensitive ride (I actually wish she were a bit softer in the mouth and more responsive to leg, I think her previous owner was heavy with the hand and leg aids). I would classify her for an advanced intermediate-advanced rider as she is a tester. She’ll try to head left when you want to go right kind of stuff. Once she realizes you won’t put up with that crud she gives you 100%. Pretty much typical alpha mare. Does fine alone or with other horses, in or out. No vices and current on everything. She does best in a consistent work schedule and without an indoor she’s just not going to get that here over the winter. Was going to sell her, then keep her, then sell her . . . I think a lease would be a happy medium. :slight_smile: If anyone’s looking for a project I’m open to a flexible off-farm lease situation so that the mare will get worked. e-mail reneemgosselin@yahoo.com

East Bay N. CA: Horseless Rider

East Bay N. CA: currently horseless experienced dressage rider: showed at FEI/PSG Level as YR and then trained 2 horses to PSG and showed them at 4th level in mid 60%. My 4th/PSG level mare will be on the long 1+ year rehab. I’m looking for horse(s) to ride during that time.

Take your pick of 2, 08848 Milford NJ

I need a riding buddy. I have two horses, both awesome for intermediate riders and above. We have an outdoor and tons of trails. PM me for info!

Horseless Rider in Front Royal area

Hello everyone,

I’m currently without a horse I can ride. Losing Pete in July and Harriett fracturing her Pelvis in August has put me at a lose and I’m looking to get back into riding.

I don’t have talent enough yet for English, but I can ride English, that is how I grew up riding. I currently ride Western, so if you need company I would be interested.

I live in Linden, Virginia and can get just about anywhere in the area.


Horseless Rider, Pittsburgh, PA

Well, I have a horse, but she is retired. So totally horseless is not really true.

I have been riding hunter/jumper for 16 years now. I have spent the majority of that time re-training TB’s and working with ponies (often the smallest grown up around) I also really enjoy bringing horses back from injury, slowly and carefully.

I’m willing to travel on the weekends within 100 miles, but can’t during the week due to my office job. I do have evenings free for anyone local though.

I would love to work with a project, or just have something to hack and keep in shape. Can provide references if needed.

Riderless horses, Burl. Co NJ

I’ve somehow gotten to be the owner of a handful of TBs when I would really rather be riding my lazy draft mare. I’d love to find someone to train the youngest one, Rollie, or take over ownership (no board is paid on him, just feed and feet, sweet deal!). He is 15.1h, 8 yrs old and green. He lunges and rides well (was on the track for one race, no injuries) but needs miles. He is a doll and adorable!

The other TB was on the track for eight years and that’s mostly all he’s ever done. He’s 16.2, 13 yrs old and is nervous on the trail but a plain jane in the pasture. There is no arena here, only pasture or short trails to ride in. He’s sound and athletic but rusty. No jumping, want to keep him sound.

Or ride my lazy draft mare, she’s easy peasy and is great for a bareback trail ride or just fartin’ around. :lol:

Madison, Ohio (east of Cleveland)

I am staring shoulder surgery in the face and will probably be needing some help with my horses.

I have an 11yo Clyde/ASB cross who schools First Level, and can compete at Training Level Eventing. He is not hard to ride, but requires actual riding- you need to ride every stride. He is 17h. We are working on bettering our lengthenings as they are hard for him. Collections is relatively easy for him, and his lateral work is coming along well. I don’t really care if someone wants to further his education or just have fun riding him. He loves to trail ride.

I have a 23yo TB, 16.2h. He can be ridden at walk and light trot and is one of the most child safe horses I have ever encountered. He can go on easy trail rides.

I also have a 2.5yo ASBX who has been sat on and understands walk and halt and is semi-reliable with steering. He can be ground driven. He really doesn’t need “work”, but is fun to play with as he learns very quickly.

I am at the eastern end of Lake County, Ohio- about 1/2way between Cleveland and the PA line. We have an indoor (a bit dusty), and outdoor, and trails across the street. We also have more trails in the area and I have a truck and trailer that may be able to be used.

Any help you be greatly appreciated!

Horseless Rider- East End Richmond, VA

AvantGarde, you have a PM.

Horseless Rider, East End Richmond. I’m a college student looking to ride 2-5 times a week. I’ve been riding for 12 years- a little foxhunting, a little dressage, plenty of trail riding, and lots of centered riding (sally swift-style.) I also have a few years experience volunteering at a therapeutic riding center. I’m comfortable w/t/c and have experience jumping but need some time to get back in shape and comfortable on the horse before I try anything over 2’. (I can be a bit of a weenie. but safety is my #1 priority.)

I’m 20ish minutes east of Richmond. I haven’t ridden in a few months so I’m a bit out of riding shape :frowning: However with some no-stirrup work I should be better in no time. I’m okay with a greenie as long as they have a sound mind. I’m also willing to help out a little with light chores (tack cleaning, mucking, blanket washing) if needed. Mostly, I would like time in the saddle and a horse to be buddies with. I’m hoping to find someone within a 45 minute drive.

If you have an opportunity, I would love to hear from you. I’m willing to set up a trial to make sure horse, rider, and owner are all on the same page. :slight_smile:

Riderless 3’ Hunter and 2’6" jumper–DC

Hey, y’all in DC area, have two horses for half-lease at a barn with indoor, outdoor, rideout, you name it. Please pm if interested.

Riderless Horse: Gainesville, FL (near UF)

No longer available

8 yr old 14.2 AQHA gelding, pro trained and competed h/j and eventing, desperately wants someone to come pay attention to him! :yes: I’m in law school and have NO time for him. He’d be great for a kid after a couple weeks of adult/teen work getting him back in a program, or for a confident kid with supervision. However, he’s fine for an adult who doesn’t mind riding a pony. Big barrel, takes up a lot of leg. Super sweet, in your pocket. Trail rides, rides bareback, jumps 3’ courses and goes cross country, training level dressage and ready to do more. Has to stay on the farm in Micanopy, 10 minutes south of UF off of 441. Lovely private facility set back in the woods. Grass dressage arena, stadium jumps, and cross country jumps through training level. Lots of pictures, PM for more info!

Riderless horse Burlington County NJ

I have a sweet and very forgiving 21 year old former Prelim level event mare. She’s a 16 hand Han/TB cross who is steady in dressage and over fences. Looking for someone to half lease 2-3 days per week-she really misses being ridden! I’m looking for a mature rider who just wants to practice dressage basics (up to first level) and maybe some jumping. Small private farm with outdoor arena. Must be able to tack up and handle horses without supervision and be safety conscious. PM me if interested.

Horseless Rider in SC

Located in Columbia, SC, just sold my OTTB for financial reasons. Riding for almost 20 years. ARIA certified in huntseat and stable management. Would go to Camden or even Aiken for the right situation. Can’t afford to lease, but am comfortable riding green and difficult horses (for some strange reason I often like those better). Started as a hunter rider, about 3.5 yrs ago started training with an ex-eventor now DQ, and love that more.