Schooling breeches recs? Yes, another breeches thread

I can’t stomach paying $195 for Romfh Sarafina’s anymore.

What are your favorite schooling breeches, preferably under $130? I prefer knee patch to full seat.I’m usually a size 30 and am 5’10" so something that comes in long would be ideal! Thanks!

What season? What features are you looking for? Rise? Pockets?

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I’m the same size as you and have enjoyed the Tredstep Nero’s, if you don’t mind silicone knee patches! I do find they fit a bit large on me and I could probably go down to a 28.

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I like my Kerrits. Bonus is they come with a thigh pocket that is the perfect size for a phone and treats.

I have these and love them. They’ve held up to my abuse well and they are long. I always have the ends bunch a bit, and I’m 5’7". They are good for anything over 30F.

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Good questions. I guess something that is more of an all-season breech…I have winter breeches and summer tights so I’ll just wear those in extreme weather. Pockets don’t really matter to me as I carry my phone in a phone holder on my belt. Rise…mid-rise preferred :slight_smile:

Has the silicone worn off on yours at all? That seems to be the only thing in the reviews for these that I see…otherwise everyone seems to love them! :slight_smile:

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I’m obsessed with Free Ride right now. Super comfy and good price point


Just ordered a pair, thanks! Those look great!

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I haven’t noticed any! I should say that I’ve only been using them to ride maybe twice a week for the past two years, so nothing super heavy duty. I had silicone smartpak pipers that definitely lost their stick with way fewer rides.

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Yeah that’s how I felt, but they’re $300 in Canada.
I looooove my Romfh’s
I ended up trying a bunch of Horze breeches which are pretty good for their price range, BUT I still love my Romfh’s the most.

Horze would be worth looking into.


I’m really liking the new piper KNITS. I hate the other pipers except the knits, but they are stretchy, fit well, and aren’t see through.


How thick are the free rides? I’ve been eyeing them for awhile now, but haven’t bought any because I don’t want riding tights or similar thin material. I love the Romf sarafina or the ovation aqua breeches. But being in the barn all day, I’m rough on them and need a good breech, light weight, that are resilient but not $200/ pair.

Would you say the free rides are a good material? Are the more of a technical fabric?

I’ve never tried Free Rein, so I can’t help with questions, but The Tack Hack does have them in 30L’s right now for $98!

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I have a couple pairs of the FreeRides and I really love them. However they are closer to a tight than a structured breech - they are like thick legging material. Endlessly stretchy, soft, comfortable but they do not hide all sins. They are my go-tos. I find that they’ve held up well so far too, but I don’t do anything crazy in them. They hold their shape well though, and don’t get baggy when you’ve been wearing them for a bit.

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I like the Daniela breeches by HorZe. I don’t wear them on super hot days though. I love their Grand Prix breeches for hotter days. I have a few pairs of Tredstep Rosa Breeches that I find fit well and are comfortable too.

Espirit equestrian. Similar to free ride but a much better price point.

Do the Free Rides hold up to hay and light barn chores? I’ve found some tights I like but throwing hay to the horses snags them up. I normally wear regular breeches but when I’m going from teleconference to riding and back all day, comfy tights are way more comfortable. I’ve had my eye on the FRs.

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I tried on some FreeRides at LRK3DE. The Empower Hybrids are INCREDIBLE, I bought a pair in green. They’re high waisted, tummy control, they’re very stretchy but also not thin material, they feel like semi compression but not really tight or restrictive. If they made more colors, I would buy every single one.

I also tried on the Lux breeches. Those are thinner and not as “hold you together.” They were really nice but didn’t give me a smoothing slightly compression effect. The material was also a lot more tights-like, thin like leggings.

I’m similar in size to you (5’9" and a size 30).

I recently became a fan of the Elation Red Label Sport breeches from Greenhawk (it’s one of their house brands). They went on sale last fall so I bought a pair of the full seats, and liked them enough to get another pair of them during the spring sale. They are a tech fabric but a bit silkier-feeling than others. They are very comfortable! They do have a side pocket as well.

A number of others at my barn have bought them too and really love them.

Note: they MUST be the Red Label SPORT - do not get the regular Red Label as those are the old-school heavier cotton fabric.

I saw a post that they will be going on sale for 50% next week! Regular price is only $79.99 CAN for knee patch and $99.99 CAN for full seat so they’re a steal when they’re on sale.

Knee patch:

Full seat:

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I wear the Free Ride Lux breech (their thinner/lighter fabric) every day and have had no issues with them holding up to light daily chores. I don’t throw hay to the whole barn, but fill/carry/hang a couple of nets every day and have not had any issue with snagging, and my horse is currently on pretty robust timothy.