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Sealtex replacement

Hi all. I saw an earlier thread asking if anyone has found an alternate for Sealtex. I can’t find that topic. So I’ll ask here. Anyone who’s found a good substitute please let the rest of us know.

Nope, but I have most of a big roll, and it’s in good shape. I didn’t know anything about the fact that it was no longer made, and a friend mentioned it. I said, heck, I still have almost a whole big roll. Let me know if I can be of help!

If it’s still pliable I would purchase it from you. I just rejoined this forum after many years away so don’t know how to do a private message. I hope you do.

This place says they have 12 in stock. It’s called Outlet Equestrian. Hope the screenshot loads.

Welcome back!

Sending a private message on this new format is typically pretty easy once you know the tricks/technique.

Easiest way, if a person does not have a hidden profile is to simply hit their user name, you will get a small pop-up.
In that pop-up is a message option, just hit that and start typing in the body of the message box.

It is a tad more work if someone has a hidden profile.
Go up to your avatar in the upper right corner and hit the avatar.
You will get a notification pop-up, in the upper right corner is the envelope symbol, hit that twice.
That will take you to your private message page where there is an option for new private message.

Once you hit that start a new message, you start typing the users name into the to box and the forum offers you users to pick from, just pick you want and you can then type your message and send it.



I also have about half a large roll (a much bigger box than the one in the screenshot).

The web site won’t let me order, says no shipping options. There is no contact information on the website either.

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Janet. Are you willing to sell what’s left of that roll to me ?

I am not sure.
I may be about to start riding again the horse that needed it, so I think I want to hold onto it for now.
If you can’t get it from ASB_Stars I might be willing to part with half of it.

There isn’t a website for ABS_Stars :disappointed:

This poster is what they are talking about. This poster appears to have some they are not using.

This one says in stock

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Send me a PM- I don’t need it all.

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There isn’t one for ASB Stars, either! :rofl:

Got it. Oops

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I sent a message :blush:

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This is a new product, that appears to have sold out within a day or two of its launch. I haven’t tried it yet but am hopeful. Not sure when they will restock.

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Fager seems to have something similar: https://marystack.com/fager-mouth-corner-bit-tape/

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