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Username has changed since forum update


My username appears to be halt1 now, but I did not change my username (it should be
halt’, no numbers). I’m assuming this has to do with the forum update.

How can I get my old username back?

Additionally, I can’t set up any of my preferences because that area of COTH will not load.


Yeah, I have the “1” added to my username too :smirk: (Oooh! More Emojis!)

I also had trouble getting to my Profile, but eventually - after a couple fumbling-around tries - was able to change my avatar & setup preferences.
I think the kinks will work out after this new format ages & users supply input :crossed_fingers:

Oh no! Good and not so good to know it is not just me. I was like hm, I really don’t think I put that 1 there…

I know this isn’t the final product so hopeful it’ll be fixed. It’s been very slow for me so I may try back later this week. I really preferred the old layout, this one is confusing and not as organized, particularly forum display + post display. Hoping it gets adjusted to how the old forum was in terms of layout, since I had no complaints with that!


IIRC, this was a known thing we saw on the beta site, and will be fixable (although I think it might be manually, by our stalwart moderator!) Sit tight, once the dust settles, this should be on the list :slight_smile:

Same here - with a 2 added. And it seems to have none of my history (granted, I don’t post much, but I’ve been on the Forums since - oh, 1999), and none of the subscriptions I had.

And Off Topic seems to be missing entirely for me.


Simkie, since you manage the FAQ – maybe it might be helpful to add that so people who have the +# know it’s something known and being looked into?

It has been brought up in the thread I started and Mod1 has commented that they are looking into it.

Unfortunately, I can’t edit the FAQs–it’s kind of a static document at this point. But totally agree that known issues, like this one, should definitely be listed somewhere that’s easy to access and scan through. :grin:

This is exactly the same for me.

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@alabama & @JLK can you see Off Topic if I link it directly?


Subscriptions aren’t something that was able to be imported from the old platform, I don’t think :thinking:

When I click on your usernames, you both show up as new accounts, which might be a clue. With all the gateway and timeout errors yesterday, maybe the system hiccuped retrieving your stuff and wound up creating a “new” account for you guys…

I’m sure it’ll get all worked out once the big pieces fall into place :grin:

I noted the same thing yesterday… My name is now Heinz_571. I assume spaces in usernames are not supported on this new platform, or whatever the problem may be, as well as the added ‘1’ issue.

Nope - can’t see Off Topic even with the direct link. I get the message: “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”


I believe both OT and CE are locked for the moment.

I don’t see Off Topic (or CE) at all - it isn’t that they show as locked. It’s that they don’t appear to exist. Of the three forums that had been included in Off Topic from the old site, only Menagerie still shows.

They are not locked.
Well, at least OT is not. I have CE hidden so I have no idea what is going on there but I am assuming the status is the same as OT.

I have even posted in OT.

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I think the username glitch relates to having different emails associated with Forums accounts and accounts on our main site. We definitely didn’t intend for the system to create a new account! I have an inquiry in with the developers about this issue.

Question: if any of you log out of these faux new accounts and then go to log back in, using your correct username and or email address (the one associated with your original forums account), does it let you? Or are you automatically reverted back to the new account?

I’m going to go doublecheck on permissions for OT and CE. I wonder if it’s because the site is thinking you’re a “new” user, that you don’t have access, or if it’s something else.


Please get rid of the damned numbers following the names. It’s a small thing, but irritating nonetheless.
Will post histories be available at some future date?
I’ve been here over 20 years.
It is odd (and more than a little annoying) to have a patronizing automaton giving me “helpful” Clippy-like advice and referencing my “new user” status and concomitant “restrictions” on my allowed activities here.


The link to off topic didn’t work for me. At all.

I tried logging out, thinking maybe I could log back in - but because I clicked that remember me button yesterday, when I hit log in again it just automatically logs me in as this. I haven’t tried it on my laptop, just on my phone.

When I logged in yesterday, I typed my name as usual with the space and just the 57, no 1.

When I first logged in on my Samsung yesterday, I didn’t have to enter anything, I just refreshed the page I was last on in the old format. Took me (eventually after a few hours if different 50? errors, I’ve seen 3 so far) to the current forums complete with the added 1.

I don’t usually complain about different forum formats, I’ve been on a few, but not feeling the love for this. :wink:

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