Watching in US - Cable Cutters Unite!

I found this article: USA Today article on watching Olympics

Any additional advice for someone with no cable subscriptions? Looking for a cost effective way to watch some equestrian. I’ve been picking up tidbits in the Dressage topic, but thought it might be helpful to have this information in its own area. I have an AppleTV thing and subscriptions to things that don’t appear useful for this event.

I do have an antenna and apparently the Apple TV will get me to free Peacock if I want to watch gymnastics on something besides regular NBC.

But feel free to pass along general advice not specific to my situation. We can get through this together.


I’ll unite with you but I have no advice. It looks like Peacock won’t have any equestrian events, I looked into that earlier today. Does anyone know if any equestrian events will be shown on NBC’s over the air network channels or will it be only gymnastics, swimming and track and field like every other Olympics?

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This is not exactly cheap, but I bit the bullet and upgraded to Hulu Live - then I was able to log onto to NBC with that as my provider.


I signed up for a free week of Hulu Live and was able to watch it on there.

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Were either of you able to access replays with the Hulu Live option? Anyone tried with Sling TV? I’m willing to pay a bit, but I can’t watch live so it only helps me if I get access to full replays.

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I got Sling TV just for the Olympics and it’s working great. I can login to the NBC Sports app and watch replays of seemingly everything.

There’s a deal on Sling too, just $10 for the first month.


Orange or blue sling? Or does it not matter? The article says that one gives you access on more devices, but does anyone know if one is better for replays.

I’m able to watch replays with Hulu (not on Hulu, but on NBC when I log in with Hulu as my provider.


The $10 Sling TV blue option has worked for live and replays so far


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One would have hoped, with all the deaths from a worldwide pandemic, and economic fall out affecting many more, that the industrial communications complex in this country could have found it within itself to bring the worldwide celebration of sports and humanity to the masses, simply, and for free. But, alas.

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I’ve been watching the off brand channels like USA that are broadcasting the games less popular events like rowing, weightlifting, water polo, archery, etc. That’s fine by me because I have no interest in watching constant gymnastics or NBA players all the time, which is what NBC has done in the past.

Lucinda Green had posted that you can watch eventing via an australian live feed by setting up a VPN and streaming via You need an Australian post code and they said that 3009 works.

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I’ll unite but I’m still trying to figure it out!

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Thank you. Got blue Sling. There was some password monkey business, possibly bc I got a Sling account five years ago for the last Olympics. My Apple TV box is ancient so I have to use Sling via another device.

Got Sling and NBC Sports on iPad and am able to watch replays of dressage. It doesn’t play nicely if you try to fast forward and I suspect that pushing it to my TV will add another layer of complexity and frustration.

Sling alone does have some sort of coverage, but the time slots are too short to be the full event. But, you can ask it to record them.

Thanks Peggy for spelling out how you did this.

Just now I set up a Sling TV blue account for the $10 promotional monthly price.

Went to the NBC Sports App on my Android smart TV and scanned the QR code with my phone. Logged in on my phone with my Sling TV credentials. Voila! Currently watching the replay of dressage day 1 on my TV. Yay!

NBC really missed the mark by not offering an olympics only pass through their app. I would have never figured this out without you all!!!


Has anyone tried a YouTube TV trial? I’m so frustrated, because I pay an ungodly amount for broadband and a required basic cable subscription, but don’t get any of the channels to see the sports I really care about. Major FOML with the dressage! I caught a half hour before my provider demanded I sign in and kicked me off.


I think NBC is owned or has some affiliation with Comcast… which is likely why we are being forced to pay in some manner for it.

Really stinks—I agree with whoever said the least they could do after such a brutal year is make the olympics accessible to everyone for free. Heck I’d even take it with commercials and then pay for a commercial free experience.

It just feels really icky and elitist to me to have to pay to watch the Olympics which really should be for the global population…


But putting it on cable makes entire divisions available. We can see every ride for every division.

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They could also put it all online for free, even if it’s all replays, rather than requiring a cable subscription which for many families is completely unaffordable. They rely on local libraries or schools for internet/computer access.

I’m with you—I love the breakdown of everything and be able to watch it all at my leisure. I’ll pay for that. But they could have done a better job making this more accessible to everyone.


apparently NBC is taking a bath in this. Viewing is way down. NBC has been throwing money at the Olympics but if viewers don’t come, they may throw in the towel. But that has been said for several of the last Olympics.


I have ATT Uverse but I can’t seem to sign in through it. I’ll try it from home (I’m not there). I did sign up for a free trial week of Fubo TV to watch the equestrian events today. I just got a new phone that comes with a free month of Hulu, I’ll try to activate that account this week.