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Where is Shanghai Bobby?

I was reading the comments under the BloodHorse article about Justify’s stud fee. People there noticed that Shanghai Bobby’s fee is not among the stud fees announced by Coolmore and his page is gone from their website. Does anyone here know where he is?

Has he “shuttled” to the southern hemisphere? Sold?

Did a quick google of him & got nothing on where he currently may be…

An exploration of all of Coolmore’s sites and a lengthy google gets nothing. Thus the inquiry. :wink:

I bet he is in South America and not returning.

I wonder why they took his page down without an announcement. They usually wait until they’ve announced a sale before removing a stallion from the website.

Oh well. He’s not my horse. It just seems odd for him to disappear from the website like that with no announcement.

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Looks like he is in Brazil from a couple articles I found.

To stay I would guess, since they removed his page? Coolmore’s shuttle stallions don’t disappear from the website.
Do you have a link to the articles?

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I asked them about him on social media. They read my note but never responded. Definitely odd. Too bad. he was a lovely looking stallion making some sporty offspring

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Yes, he’s been getting some nice race horses. Perhaps now that you have inquired about him, they will realize that people have noticed his absence from the stallion roster and make an announcement of some sort. I hope he’s OK.

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This from 2 months ago: https://www.drf.com/news/shanghai-bobby-building-international-reputation

He has been shuttled to Brazil since his first year at stud.

Word on the street is that he has been sold and or in the process of being sold.



Gumtree, yes, there are articles from 2014 about him being shuttled to Brazil. I posted the latest article I could find about him.

Interesting that they would pull him from the roster before announcing the sale. Surely they wouldn’t take him off the roster if the sale was not final?

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The first link I posted was from the end of August.

I couldn’t see it. My computer anti virus gave me a hard time. What did it say?

Just that he was standing in Brazil. Didn’t give any more information.

Oh well. I suppose someone will let the world know where he is, in their own time.

I heard a rumor that he was sold. I wish I could remember the source now! I was disappointed because I really liked him in the flesh.

ETA: Found it in a FB post. Someone at one of the quarantine stations said he was getting ready to fly to Japan. A twitter post indicated it was a lease, but didn’t say the farm.


“indicated it was a lease, but didn’t say the farm”

This is what I was told about Johannesburg not long after breeding a mare to him in 2008. Regardless it the kiss of death for anyone that has foals and or has a mare in foal to him. Luckily for me it was a foal share. Got a nice filly but “gave her away” when sold as a yearling. In 2010 it was announced that he had been sold to Japan.

Signed a $25,000 contract for Silver Charm. Not long after the ink was dry it was announced that he was sold to Japan. I repeat this is the kiss of death. The general manager of 3 Chimney’s was a friend of mine. He got a strong piece of my mind. He said they had not planned on selling him. The deal came together quickly. I said BS. I’ve done business with the Japanese. Nothing comes together quickly the way they do business. They are very methodical.

I said they should be fair and give people who bred to the horse a BIG discount on the stud fee. He was their general manager for a long time and “built” the farm to it’s then high stature. He left not long after. Clay’s son took over. After that they made a couple very bad stallion acquisitions.

Not necessarily the horses, Big Brown and Smarty Jones. Paid way too much money for them. Opened them at ridiculous fees. Even though the over all market was very strong they struggled getting proper mares them. The rest is history. They lost the farm. A VERY QT sale. How they kept the whole affair pretty much out of the industry trades is amazing. When’s the last time anyone heard a peep out of Robert Clay?

I doubt that the farm could have kept this quiet until after the November breeding stock sales. But I am sure anybody that is selling a mare in foal to him wishes they had.

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