Wrong Name on My Posts!


I also had trouble last weekend with the Forums jumping about, resetting constantly, on my Tablet.

With posting about hay prices, I found my name changed to the Crazy Guinea Pig Lady! This was rather a shock, since I post under goodhors and have for years! I had wondered why I was getting notices about her posts on that C with green telling me someone replied to something I posted. Wondered if the resetting problem had changed the Forums?

Mods, if you can, please change me back to goodhors! Thank you!! I think I have only posted a couple times since Sunday when the resetting seemed fixed so I could read things again.

Helps if you make a link so @Moderator_1 will get a notice of this post.
You can do that by adding @ to the name of who you want to be notified.

Hope they can help you.

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So @goodhors is it you I’m (cordially) arguing about sous vide cooking with?

Nope! Not a chef. Wondered why I was finding those posts to her in my stuff!

Thank you Bluey for the suggestion. I put @Moderator_1 as you suggested in editing my first request. Should I do more, flag it perhaps? This is such a peculiar thing to happen!

This is something that had happened to people right after the forums switched to this platform - they were ending up logged into someone else’s account. The thread doesn’t really tell if there was ever any resolution…

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OG CGPL here!

I started getting notifications about your posts yesterday

That posted while I was looking for the thread I brought this up on and I see you already found it. Anyway, I couldn’t figure out who you were or I would have tried to contact you. Hopefully we’ll be separated soon. LOL

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I guess this would be my chance to make it not so cordial and play innocent. :wink:

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Hmmmm… :thinking:Wondering if any Pseudo 2Dogs are wondering WTF?!!?

so have you been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder?


So VERY sorry for the mix-up – the fix that had been implemented for this issue when it occurred previously had essentially gone inactive, which has now been rectified, so this hopefully should not be an issue any longer.

We appreciate that this issue is not something to take lightly, so please know that they’re treating it accordingly!

I don’t know if it’s related but my computer crashed right after posting here last night and I’ve spent most of the day trying to restore it. I was also logged out of the account on my phone. While I don’t often post from there, I do read sometimes and never had an issue before. Today I’ve had to log in again each time I come back.

ETA: I’m the real CGPL.

In an alternate universe, there are two people fighting about the correct way to cook a chicken breast and they don’t understand how the argument got started. :upside_down_face:



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Looks like things have been corrected, so I am “myself” again! Thank you @Moderator_1!!


Am I still me?


No more secret identity from me! Ha ha

I had to log back into my account recently too, so I’m guessing that something they did behind the scenes may have caused that.

@CrazyGuineaPigLady Are you still having to log back in every time you visit the site?

I had to log in a few times on each device but it’s not happening anymore.

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