Most Bizarre gone wrong thread?

Me too. I posted about it over in the Tech Forum. Not sure if there’s a solution.

Wait… what?

Who is this person? Is it a parody or something?

Same thing happened to me, it takes me to the main COTH forum. Even if I copy and paste the link in another window.

The solution right now is to use search here to find the thread. I tested with a few of them and it worked great! Search is so much better than it used to be :slight_smile: Not sure if the devs will be able to redirect the old links to the new place, but they do have other priorities right now, so it’ll be a little while at the least.

Thank you Simkie! That will get me by if/until the kinks are worked out. I appreciate it, some of these threads sound (as my teenager would say) epic!

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Wow, this went off a cliff. 3yo with girth problem / I feel like a failure

I could see that one coming. From how the OP was talking I assumed they were rather young (or a troll as some users suspected). Those tend to end… dramatically.

Anyone else remember when some thread subjects were so guaranteed to end up in a massive train wreck, people would start posting the lyrics to “She’ll be comin’ round the mountain” in anticipation? :laughing:

George Morris, every time. There were any number of long, long GM meltdown threads. Parelli was another one. Any young person with a question would get a lashing from the curmudgeons for being lazy and feckless. Calmers and violations of the drug rules. Predictable hot buttons, at the time. Everyone would jump in with the same declarations and accusations as the last time the topic was posted. There was less moderating then.


Shoot, I’ve tried some of the old links and now with the new program, can’t find them. And I could link to them earlier. Do they work for others?

Old links no longer work due to forum changes. Just type the titles into the search bar and they should pop up! :smile:

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Is this the same one with the lady who was about to be homeless with her horses et al, and someone put her up and she moved several states to stay there - in exchange for some work I think? But once she got there she did nothing but complain (on here) about how horrible it was? I think the house was in the middle of a remodel or some work being done, and it was winter, and all she did was complain and say the water was bad and her horses were colicing because of it? Those are the only details I remember, but I remember the person who put her up FINALLY came on the page to explain all the things that there were happening?

No, this was someone alone that was moving somewhere else.

are you sure that was not on Ultimate Dressage BB? … I seem to remember such a thing happening there.

100 percent certain, as I never had a membership on that board or read it

@clanter and @TheJenners are you all talking about this thread? Dehydration/minor colic JINGLES needed and DESPERATE TO MOVE! They're here! pg 26

I remember this one going wild. I also remember the username being similar to Clanter’s and this fits the bill.

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I remember these videos, probably from when I started on these forums. Still hysterical!! So glad someone had the sense to preserve them for posterity.

Watching the shin splint one, I don’t remember wondering if the vids were a parody…but now I am wondering, is this a parody? wow.

Yeeeeeep those are the ones! Was there ever a resolution?

Wow, are some of the names in those threads a blast from the past!

It took me a minute to find them because I couldn’t remember OP’s name. I could only remember that the OP had been banned by this point. I’m not sure if there was anything else after the first one I linked.

I really like the incy-wincy-spider method of measuring, that’s one of my favs :laughing:
She seems like a nice enough person so I do feel a bit bad but on the other hand she did put herself out there as an expert. :thinking:

I did keep a few more:

How to clean a horse’s hoof

Clipping whiskers

Clipping eyelashes

Stopping a galloping horse

Bridling a horse

Another bridling a horse

Comparing bits


And the ones I posted earlier, so they’re all in the one post

Cantering a jump

Measuring a horse

Shin splint boots